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EndNote: Using Groups

All your EndNote questions answered

Creating Groups and Group Sets


Creating groups allows you to break a large library into subsets according to various tasks you might be working on, or themes in your research. EndNote allows only two levels of hierarchy when it comes to groups: Groups and Group Sets. A group set allows for multiple groups to be clustered under a single heading.

Creating a Group

  • Go to Groups > Create Group
  • Give a name to the group

Creating a Group Set

  • Go to Groups > Create Group Set, a new group set will appear under My Groups
  • Give a name to the new Group Set
  • You can now add groups beneath the group set
  • You can also drag and drop Groups between different Group Sets

Adding references into a Group

You can add references into a group from the All References folder or Recently Added and Unfiled folders and you can also add from other groups. To add a reference or references, select them and then either drag them to the group or right-click on the selected references and choose Add References To.

Moving and deleting Groups and Group Sets

Groups can be moved from one group set to another: select the group and drop into another group set. You can also delete a group or a group set. Deleting groups and group sets will not delete the references in the EndNote Library. The references are still kept in the All References folder. Deleting references from a group does not reduce the number of references in the EndNote Library as well.

Creating a Smart Group


Smart Groups are created automatically by EndNote according to the search criteria you create. When new references are added into the EndNote Library, the references matching the search criteria will go to the Smart Group automatically.

  • Select the Group Set where you want to create a Smart Group
  • Go to Groups > Create Smart Group
  • Give a name for the Smart Group, and add search terms, then click Create
  • The Smart Group will appear under the Group Set, and the references from the EndNote Library are added to the Smart Group