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EndNote: Exporting EndNote Libraries

All your EndNote questions answered

Exporting to RIS


Exporting your EndNote library to RIS format will allow you to open it in different referencing software, including RefWorks, Mendeley and Zotero.

To export your library use the Export references icon in EndNote.

Export Library Icon

Then, give your file a name and press save. You can also export only the references you've selected in EndNote as well, if you tick the check box marked Export Selected References.

Save your file

You can then import this file into other referencing software to rebuild your reference library there.

Exporting to BibTeX


To export your library to BibTeX, use the Export references icon in EndNote

Export references icon

Then in the save option, use the drop down menu next to Output style to choose Select Another Style

Output style > Select another style

A pop up window of styles will open. Choose BibTeX export from the list and press the Choose button

Bibtex export button

Press save to complete the process.

Press save to complete

Exporting to CSV


Exporting from EndNote to CSV can be a long and convoluted process, but this video gives you a good summary of how to do it. Just be aware that instead of selecting Edit > Change Text (seen at 3:53 in the video) you will need to instead select Edit > Find and Replace