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EndNote: Finding and Removing Duplicates

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Finding and Removing Duplicates


When importing references from different databases, you may find that you have duplicate references in your EndNote library. The following steps show you how to find and remove these duplicates.

  • Select where you want to find duplicates, e.g.: All References, or a Group or Group Set.
  • Go to Library > Find Duplicates
  • EndNote will present you two references at a time to compare. Any fields which are different in the two records will be highlighted.
  • Decide which to keep and click the Keep This Record button. The other record will be moved to the Trash folder.

EndNote find duplicates

If you have a large number of duplicates and don't want to go through them one by one, you can highlight and delete all the duplicates at once. To do this, simply click Cancel in the Find Duplicates window.

EndNote Find duplicates: Cancel

The window will close, and a temporary folder named Duplicate References will be created. You will now see all the Duplicate References highlighted in green in your EndNote library.

You can now go to References > Move References to Trash to move the highlighted references.

Tip: Check for and remove duplicates as soon as you add new references to your library, before annotating and using the new references.