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EndNote: EndNote Online and Sharing Libraries

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EndNote Online


EndNote Online is a free, cloud-based service that allows you to store an online version of your main EndNote library. It contains all your references, groups, and attached files such as PDFs. It is helpful as a backup to your main EndNote library. It is also beneficial to use your library on several different computers or share your library with collaborators.

Creating an account and syncing

Use the registration link below to set up your EndNote Online account. You will need to use your UTS email address when you register, but you can make up any password (within limits).

Once you have created your account, open your EndNote library and choose Edit > Preferences (Windows) or EndNote 20 > Preferences (Mac), then Sync. Add the email address and password you used to create your EndNote Online account. Then click OK

You can check the Sync Automatically box, but if you have a large number of references or a large number of attached files, the sync process can take some time. So you might prefer to uncheck this box and sync manually instead.

Uncheck sync automatically

To sync manually you can use Library > Sync, or click on the Sync Configuration tab on the left of your Library window.

Sync status


Accessing your library on other computers

To access your EndNote library on a different computer, first sync it with EndNote Online. Then go to the other computer, open EndNote, and create (and save) a new (empty) library. In this new library, choose Edit > Preferences (Windows) or EndNote 20 > Preferences (Mac), then Sync as before, adding the email address and password you used to create your EndNote Online account.

When you sync this library, the contents of your EndNote Online library will be downloaded into the empty library, and it can be used just like your original library. Whenever you use EndNote on that computer in the future, you should open and use this library. All the sync preferences will be saved, so you don't need to add them again.

Sharing an EndNote Library or Group


You can share your entire EndNote library, including references, PDFs, and annotations with anyone using EndNote X8 onward. You can share with up to 100 people. When you share, you set permissions for your collaborators to either view or edit the library. You and all your collaborators must have EndNote online accounts for this to work.

Sharing your Library with others

  • Set up your EndNote online account and fully sync your library.
  • In EndNote, use the Share button (pictured below), or select File > Share, Log in to your EndNote online account if you have not already done so, and enter the email addresses of the people you want to collaborate with. These don't need to be UTS addresses, but they must be the email addresses your collaborators use for their own EndNote online accounts.
  • You can choose the level of access (read only, edit) for each of your collaborators, and (if you prefer) share just a Group rather than the whole Library.
    Share button

Using a Library someone has shared with you.

  • Sync your EndNote library, logging into EndNote online if necessary.
  • Once connected, select File > Open Shared Library.