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Visual Communication: Referencing for Visual Communication

A guide for Visual Communication students on finding & referencing high-quality academic books, articles and images, and well as resources for developing graphic design & data visualisation skills.


As Visual Communication students, you will be asked to use the APA 7th referencing style

Why we reference


At university you are expected to reference information sources used in your assignments. Referencing is important as it:

  • gives credit to authors
  • shows that you’ve done your research  
  • means that others can find the resources you have used.

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Useful sections

  • Websites: Sections 3.01-3.02 (pages 46-47)
  • Stock image or clip art - Section 4.18 (page 81)
  • Referencing your own work - Section 10 (page 130)
  • Captioning images - Sections 16.01-16.02 (page 160-163)
  • Indigenous materials: Sections 8.01-8.06 (pages 123-128)



  • Infographics & maps are treated as images (refer to Section 4 - Image)
  • Graphs (from statistics & data) are treated as images (if you are using a graph in your assignment) or as a Data set if you are just referring to the data. 
  • If you are using a graph found in another work (e.g. in a book, journal article, report, etc.), reference the graph with the reference for the work you found it in.

Referencing Videos