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A guide for undergraduate & postgraduate design students on finding, evaluating and referencing academic and image sources related to the design areas.



This guide will help you find the information you need for Design Studies subjects and design research, including:

  • Researching Design Histories
  • Design Honours
  • Master of Design 

Key resources for Design


Academic sources

Images, artwork & artefacts

Resource types


Book icon


Useful for providing an overview of a topic or issue. Contains background information and context and is very useful as a starting point for research - especially if you are new to a topic!

Journal article icon

Journal Articles

Contains the latest research on very specific topics and often contains in-depth analysis. Journal articles are published more quickly than books so can be used to find more up to date information.

Image icon


Images encompass a wide range of different types, including artwork, photographs, building plans & graphs. Different styles of images include stock images, artefacts, exhibits, infographics and more.