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Design Studies: Home

A guide for undergraduate & postgraduate design students on finding, evaluating and referencing information & resources related to core design theories and perspectives.



This guide will help students find the information they need for their Design Studies subjects, including:

  • Researching Design Histories
  • Thinking Through Design 
  • Master of Design 

Resource types


Book icon


Useful for providing an overview of a topic or issue. Contains background information and context and is very useful as a starting point for research - especially if you are new to a topic!

Journal article icon

Journal Articles

Contains the latest research on very specific topics and often contains in-depth analysis. Journal articles are published more quickly than books so can be used to find more up to date information.

Image icon


Images encompass a wide range of different types, including artwork, photographs, building plans & graphs. Different styles of images include stock images, artefacts, exhibits, infographics and more.