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A multidisciplinary guide to searching, evaluating & referencing different types of images



This guide will show you how & where to find different types of images and how to tell if they are high-quality. There are also hints & tips for referencing and captioning images properly in your work as well as some important information on copyright. 

Why use images? 


You may need to use images in your assignments at university. Images help to illustrate your point (pun intended). They can help to: 

  • clarify what you are talking about
  • make complex information simpler or clearer

If you're studying a course in Design or Architecture, images are an important source to use to help visually display or convey your designs & plans in your practical and written work. 

Types of images


Images can include: 

  • Photographs & paintings
  • Objects & artefacts
  • Exhibits & artwork
  • Maps, plans & technical drawings
  • Graphs & infographics
  • Stock images
  • Diagrams