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Company, Industry & Country Information: Home

This guide contains resources and guidance to help students find company, industry & country information.



Welcome to the company, industry & country information guide! This guide will help you find and evaluate reliable online sources to use in your studies.

Types of information


Depending on the database or the website being used, you can expect to find these types of information:


Company Information

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  • Company profiles
  • Ownership structure
  • List of key personnel (CEOs, directors, board members)
  • Annual, quarterly and corporate sustainability reports
  • Financial information (including balance sheet, profit and loss data, ratios)
  • Strategic analysis (competitor analysis, risk analysis, SWOT analysis)
  • Broker reports/ analyst reports


Industry Information

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  • Industry/sector/market research reports
  • Industry financial information
  • Consumer reports
  • Product and competitive information
  • Marketing trends
  • Profiles and statistic


Country Information

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  • Government information
  • Country profiles
  • Economic forecasts
  • National and regional statistics
  • Quantitative/ Macroeconomic analysis
  • Country risk reports