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This guide will help you find patent information and standards.



Welcome to the Patents & Standards guide

This guide will show you how to find standards & patents information and explain how you can use them in your studies.

What are patents & standards?



Patent information is an important resource for researchers and inventors, entrepreneurs and commercial enterprises, and patent professionals.



Standards are official publications used in industry and trade to describe specifications and procedures. Standards provide rules and recommendations to ensure products, services, and systems are safe, consistent, and reliable. 


Why use patents & standards information?


Patent information can assist users to:

  • Avoid duplicating research and development effort;
  • Determine the patentability of their inventions;
  • Avoid infringing other inventors’ patents;
  • Estimate the value of their or other inventors’ patents;
  • Exploit technology from patent applications that have never been granted, are not valid in certain countries, or from patents that are no longer in force;
  • Gain intelligence on the innovative activities and future direction of business competitors;
  • Improve planning for business decisions such as licensing, technology partnerships, and mergers and acquisitions;
  • Identify key trends in specific technical fields of public interest such as those relating to health or to the environment and provide a foundation for policy planning.

What ISO standards can do for you