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Product Design: Materials, Techniques & Images

A guide for Product Design students on finding & referencing high-quality academic books, articles, standards & images, as well as resource suggestions for improving design skills (e.g. CAD, UX, Adobe CS) and sources of design inspiration.

Materials databases


For discovering and researching different materials & material types, check out the following sources. 

Databases & websites

Try these databases & websites to find different materials and products for inspiration in your own product design. 


Search the Library Catalogue for materials you are interested in, or try searching for books on a product or object you're researching. 

Browse the book shelves in the Library for inspiration & information on different materials for product design. 

Look in the 620 & 660 sections. 

Suggested books: 

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If you're after research articles on different materials, check out the Academic Sources section of this guide. 



Try searching the following databases and museum collections for images to use in your studies. 

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  • Check out the Images Guide for more advice on how to search for images.
  • Finding images in books is another way to find high-quality images. The best place to explore is Level 9 of the Library - Large size books area.

UX & design techniques


If you're looking to improve yoru skills in design techniques such as User Experience and Human Experience, use the suggestions below. 

Guides & Handbooks

You can find guides & handbooks on design techniques by searching the UTS Library collection of books. Try keywords like: 

  • User experience
  • User centred design
  • Sustainable design
  • Human experience design
  • Empathetic design
  • Usability 
  • Design thinking

An example search you could make is: 

  • ("user experience" OR "human experience") AND design 

Suggested books:


You can find lots of courses & video tutorials for User Experience design and other techniques in the LinkedIn Learning database. 

Suggested Courses: 

  • Become a User Experience Designer
  • Design Thinking: Customer Experience
  • Empathy in UX Design
  • Industrial Design Foundations

How to access LinkedIn Learning


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On a LinkedIn Learning course or video, check the top-right corner. If you are already signed-in, you will see the UTS logo. If not, click the 'Sign In' button. 


Use your UTS email address

Your student email should be your name or student number followed by


Continue to Single Sign-On

You should be prompted to sign in with Single Sign-On. To get this option, make sure you use your UTS email. 


Log in to your UTS email

Sign in to your UTS account using your student email and password. This is the Single Sign-On process. 



You should now be signed in to LinkedIn Learning on your UTS student account. Check the top, right-hand corner; you should see a blue UTS logo.