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Product Design: Academic Sources

A guide for Product Design students on finding & referencing high-quality academic books, articles, standards & images, as well as resource suggestions for improving design skills (e.g. CAD, UX, Adobe CS) and sources of design inspiration.

What are academic sources? 


Academic sources include: 

  • Academic books - provides broad overviews of a topic
  • Journal articles - contain information about specific aspects within a topic area

Books & journal articles are written by researchers and experts & are suitable to use for your university studies. 

Library catalogue


UTS Library has a large collection of books & journals and more. Search the Library Catalogue to find academic books & journal articles. Watch the video to learn how. 



Academic databases are large collections of academic books, book chapters, journal articles and more. 

Design databases

These are databases that focus on information on the design aspects of product design.

Materials science databases

Try these databases for information related to different materials & material technologies to do with product design. 

Search tips


What do you do when you're not getting the results you want from your search?

Browse books


You can also find books on product design on the shelves in the Library. Browsing the shelves is a great way to discover books that you wouldn't have found otherwise. 

Map of Library Level 9, 740s area

745 Industrial Design

741 Graphic Design

Map of Library Level 9, 620s area

620 Computer-aided design

Map of Library Level 9, 600s area

604 Technical Drawing

Map of Library Level 9, 660-670s area

668 Plastics

670 Manufacture (planning, design and fabrication of products)