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Fashion & Textiles: Fashion Design Skills

A guide for students of Fashion & Textiles on how to find & reference high-quality books, articles, reports, news & images about fashion. Also includes where to find guides to help improve your fashion design skills.

Construction & patternmaking


The Library has a large collection of books that guide you through the skills of sewing, patternmaking, weaving and more. 


Where to look:

Find guides & books on fashion skills & techniques such as sewing, construction & patternmaking by searching the Library Catalogue. 

Some useful keywords to search are: 

  • dressmaking
  • pattern design
  • sewing
  • needlework
  • tailoring
  • handbook / guide

Illustration & drawing


Find books that guide you through fashion illustration and drawing by searching the Library Catalogue. Try a search such as:

  • Drawing AND Fashion
  • Fashion AND (Photoshop OR Illustrator)

Library Catalogue search for Fashion AND drawing

Suggested Books: 

Browsing for books on the Library shelves is also a great way to find books. You can quickly flick through the books you find to see if they cover the skills you want to learn. 

Look for...

Dewey Decimal Number: 741.2

This area will have books on: Drawing techniques, procedures, apparatus, equipment and materials

Map of Library Level 9 showing Books in 741.2 area


The LinkedIn Learning database has video tutorials for using software, such as Adobe Creative Suite, for fashion drawing and fashion design. 

Suggested Tutorials: 

  • Illustrator for Fashion Design
  • Photoshop for Fashion Design



To find books on printmaking, look through the Library's collection of books. 

Many of books are in print format on the Library shelves, so visiting the Library and browsing our book collections on the shelf is a great way to find the guides you need. 

Look for...

Dewey Decimal Number: 760

Books in this area cover: Printmaking & Prints

Map of Library Level 9 Books 760s

Search the Library Catalogue for book guides on printmaking materials & techniques. 

Keywords to try:

  • printmaking
  • prints
  • methods / techniques
  • guide / manual

Some books on prints that may be useful for providing a guide to the materials & techniques of printmaking. 

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