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Fashion & Textiles: Textiles, Technology & Colour

A guide for students of Fashion & Textiles on how to find & reference high-quality books, articles, reports, news & images about fashion. Also includes where to find guides to help improve your fashion design skills.



For information on different materials, fabrics & textiles, try...


The WGSN database has heaps of reports on different materials, textiles & fabrics for clothing, accessories, shoes, etc. 

Look under the menu item: Research & Create. From there you can select to look at: 

  • Materials & Textiles
  • Print & Graphics
  • Colour


Browsing books is another great way to find information on materials. Try...

or browse books on the shelf on...

Level 9: 

  • 646.1 Fabrics and Haberdashery
  • 677 Textile Manufacturing

Level 8: 

  • 338.4 Fashion Industry


The Library also subscribes to some textile journals. These can be useful for finding sources on the latest in fashion textile technology. Some journals include: 

Fashion technology


Fashion technology research covers technology and innovation related to:  

  • materials and manufacturing textiles (e.g. digital printing, biomaterials, recycling, smart material) 
  • fashion design (e.g. inclusivity, climate-resilient design, sustainable design)  

Library Catalogue

Search the Library Catalogue for a range of books, articles and other resources on fashion technology. 

Suggested books: 


WGSN is a database that contains fashion reports, including reports on emerging fashion technologies. 

To locate the technology related content, navigate to: Research & create > Intelligence

Screenshot of WGSN menu


Hot tip!

Create a WGSN account (different to your UTS account used to access the database) to be able to download all content from WGSN. Some content will only be available for download to those who have created a personal WGSN account. 


The Library subscribes to some journals that focus on fashion technology. These are a good source to use to find articles on fashion technology. 

Use the Library Catalogue's Journal Search to access a journal and search within it.

Suggested journals: 

  • International journal of fashion design, technology and education  
  • International journal of clothing science and technology  
  • Textile progress 
  • Journal of engineered fibres and fabrics  
  • Textile progress 
  • Pigment & resin technology 

Because fashion technology crosses multiple disciplines, it’s a good idea to also explore materials in science & engineering databases if you cannot find relevant info in the above sources . Below are some suggested databases.

Materials Science databases



Below are some suggested places to search for resources on colour, swatches and examples of colour.


The WGSN database has a colour library that contains a lot of different colours for you to use in your fashion project. 

They also produce reports and fashion forecasts on colour, which you can find under the Research & Create menu. 

Screenshot of WGSN database



The Library has plenty of books about colour and colour in fashion. Search for these in the Library Catalogue. 

Suggested books: