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Fashion & Textiles: Fashion Research Resources

A guide for students of Fashion & Textiles on how to find & reference high-quality books, articles, reports, news & images about fashion. Also includes where to find guides to help improve your fashion design skills.

Sources for fashion research 


When studying Fashion & Textiles, you will need to find non-academic sources of fashion research. These include: 

  • Reports
  • News
  • Fashion magazines
  • Runway shows
  • Documentaries & films

These are not academic sources, but they are useful for understanding modern issues & trends in fashion design.

Reports & news


Use the WGSN database to find reports on: 

  • trend forecasting,
  • fashion & retail analyses,
  • items, materials & designs (e.g. reports examining shoes, accessories, prints, fabrics, etc.)
  • reports on current fashion issues (e.g. sustainability). 

WGSN also has fashion news from around the world. 

Fashion magazines


The library has a big collection of fashion magazines, including: 

We also have a huge collection of the Vogue Magazine, which includes: 

  • Vogue Australia
  • Vogue (London, England)
  • Vogue Italy
  • Paris Vogue
  • Vogue US
  • Teen Vogue
  • Men's Vogue

Find more fashion magazines

Magazines are classified as 'journals' in the Library Catalogue. To find fashion magazines, go to the UTS Library Journal Search, and type in the name of the magazine or your keywords (e.g. Fashion). 

Runway shows & documentaries


Find runway shows, fashion films & documentaries via the Library databases & online. 

Keep up to date on the latest runway shows & catwalk analyses on: 

Search or browse the Catwalk gallery. There are collection reviews, analyses and images for catwalk items and collections for multiple categories & each season. 

To find catwalk information go to menu item: Research & Create > Catwalks

Browse the the Kanopy database for...

  • Fashion runway shows
  • Fashion industry films
  • Documentaries on Fashion designers
  • Textiles documentaries

...and more.

For more fashion & runway shows, try these sites: 



Find Images in...

Databases & Museum Websites

You can also find high-quality images from some databases & museum websites. This is especially helpful if you're interested in historic or cultural fashion & textiles. Some places to look are:

Tips Icon Idea!

Lots of fashion books, reports & magazines have great high-quality images which you can use. They are of high-quality and easy to reference!