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Design Studies: Service Design Resources

A guide for undergraduate & postgraduate design students on finding, evaluating and referencing academic and image sources related to the design areas.

Finding sources for service design


Resources in the area of design management and service design crosses both Design, Sociology and Management areas. Finding sources in these areas may require research across several areas to gather all the evidence / information you need.

Below are tips for searching in suggested books, databases and journals for sources on service design.



Use the Library Catalogue to search online for books & ebooks as well as other resources like articles, chapters and audiovisual material. 

You can also browse for books physically in the Library.

Watch the video to learn how to use the Library Catalogue. 

The Library uses the Dewey Decimal System to organise books by topic.

Because service design crosses Design, Sociology and Management areas, you should look under these topic areas for books related to service design. To do this, look at books with the following 'call numbers' on the library shevles. 

745 – design aspects  

658 – management  

300 – sociology  

Search tips



Sometimes different terminology can be used to refer to similar things (e.g. “design futuring” in Business research is referred to as just ‘futuring’). When you’re searching for information it’s a good idea to know what these alternate or related terms are so you don’t miss anything in your search.  

Similar terms:  

  • Service design  

  • System design  

  • Service science