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Criminology: Case Law and Legislation

This study guide helps Criminology students to learn the effective search strategy and find relevant resources supporting criminology studies.

Case Law and Legislation databases


Case Law guide


Go to Case Law guide to learn about:

  • What is Case Law?
  • Key resources for Case Law
  • Types of Australian case reports
  • Understanding case citations
  • Searching for Australian cases
  • Finding foreign cases
  • Legal abbreviations

Legislation guide


Go to Legislation guide to learn about:

  • What is Legislation?
  • Key resources for Australian Legislation
  • Searching Australian Legislation
  • Explanatory Materials and Second Reading Speeches
  • Parliament websites
  • Related cases, commentaries & articles
  • Foreign Legislation

Secondary Sources in Law


Go to Secondary Sources in Law guide to learn about: 

  • What are Secondary Sources in Law?
  • Key resources for secondary materials
  • Finding books relating to a legal topic
  • Finding encyclopaedia entries relating to a legal topic and a case
  • Finding journal articles relating to a legal topic and a case
  • Finding case notes relating to a case
  • Statistics

AGLC Referencing


The AGLC (Australian Guide to Legal Citation) referencing style is the standard style used in Australian law reports, legal journals, and legal literature generally. It is currently in its 4th edition and is usually known as AGLC 4th. This is the official style of the Faculty of Law at UTS.