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Criminology: Referencing for Criminology

This study guide helps Criminology students to learn the effective search strategy and find relevant resources supporting criminology studies.

What is referencing?


As Criminology students, you will be using the APA 7th referencing style for all assignments except the Foundations of Law subject assignments that you should use AGLC referencing style.


At university you are expected to reference information sources used in your assignments. Referencing is important as it:

  • gives credit to authors
  • shows that you’ve done your research  
  • means that others can find the resources you have used .

APA Referencing guide


You can view or download the guide.

Useful sections in the guide


Useful sections

Here are some common types of resources you will need to reference: 

  • Books: 1.1-11 
  • Journal articles: 2.1-6
  • Websites: 3.1-2
  • Indigenous materials: 8.1-6

Go to the following 2 sections to see rules and examples of in-text citations and reference list:

  • How to write in-text citations: 12.1
  • Reference List: 13.1-2