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Property Economics: Company & Industry Information

How to search for and find information on property economics

Find company & industry information 



Australian Industries

For databases, websites  and reports on Australian industries, see: 

Global Industries

To learn which encyclopeadias and databases to use to find information on global industries, see: 

Australian public companies

For detailed information on Australian public companies, see: 

Overseas companies

For databases & websites where you can find information on public & some private overseas companies, see: 

Types of information

This page will help you find resources for:
Category Type of information you can expect to find
Company Information
  • Company profiles
  • Ownership structure
  • List of key personnel (CEOs, directors, board members)
  • Annual, quarterly and corporate sustainability reports
  • Financial information (including balance sheet, profit and loss data, ratios)
  • Strategic analysis (competitor analysis, risk analysis, SWOT analysis)
  • Broker reports/ analyst reports
Industry Information
  • Industry/sector/market research reports
  • Industry financial information
  • Consumer reports
  • Product and competitive information
  • Marketing trends
  • Profiles and statistics