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Construction Project Management: Referencing for Construction Project Management

How to search for and find information on construction project management


As Built Environment students, you will be asked to use the APA 7th referencing style

What is referencing and why is it important?


At university you are expected to reference information sources used in your assignments. Referencing is important as it:

  • gives credit to authors
  • shows that you’ve done your research  
  • means that others can find the resources you have used .

APA referencing guide


As a built environment student, you will be asked to use the APA 7th referencing style. The Library's APA guide will give you guidance, templates and examples you can use to build your own references. 

Referencing Videos

Sample references



Hampson, K., & Brandon, P. (2004). Construction 2020: A vision for Australia’s property and construction industry. Cooperative Research Centre for Construction Innovation. 

Journal article:

Zilke, J., & Taylor, J. (2015). Shifting sands and shifting grounds: Analysis and implications of shifting dynamics in the global construction industry. Journal of Management in Engineering, 31(5), 1-7. 

Web page:

Meisels, M. (2019, July). 2018 global construction industry overview. Deloitte.

Library database:

Marketline. (2017). Construction in Australia. 


Standards Australia & Standards New Zealand. (2018). Interior and workspace lighting part 2.5: Hospital and medical tasks (AS/NZS 1680.2.5-2018).