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Animation: Referencing for Animation

A guide for Animation students. Includes finding, evaluating & referencing academic sources, films, images & where to find guides and tutorials for learning animation skills.


As Animation students, you will be using the APA 7th referencing style

Why we reference


At university you are expected to reference information sources used in your assignments. Referencing is important as it:

  • gives credit to authors
  • shows that you’ve done your research  
  • means that others can find the resources you have used.

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Useful sections

  • Film or video - Section 4.07 (page 62)
  • Stock image or clip art - Section 4.16 (page 71)
  • Film review - Section 7.12 (page 101)



  • The creator of a film or video is the director, or if there is no director, choose someone in a similar role
  • For films & videos, quote using timestamps 
  • If you are referring to a special cut or version of the film (i.e. not the theatrical release), include these details in the [Media Type] component

Referencing Videos