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Animation: Animation Skills

A guide for Animation students. Includes finding, evaluating & referencing academic sources, films, images & where to find guides and tutorials for learning animation skills.

Animating techniques


To find resources to help develop your animation skills, search keywords on the specific techniques or areas you want to improve in (e.g. drawing, computer animation, visual design, visual effects, cinematography). 

Keywords for Animation: 

  • Animation, Animation films, computer animation, computer graphics

For handbooks & guides, search in the Library Catalogue. For video tutorials, search in the LinkedIn Learning database. 

Suggested resources

Below are some suggestions for books & tutorials for some of the key animation techniques. 

Keywords to search: 

  • Storytelling, Narrative, Storyboarding, Writing

LinkedIn Learning Tutorials: 

  • Animation Foundations: Storyboarding
  • Animate CC: Storyboarding
  • Essentials of Storyboarding
  • Storyboarding an animation


Suggested Books: 

Keywords to search: 

  • Computer graphics, Computer animation, Three-dimensional display systems, Modelling, Rigging, 3D, 2D

LinkedIn Learning Tutorials: 

  • Become a 3D Character Animator
  • 3D Animation and Rigging
  • Master 2D Animation 
  • Creating Smooth Motion in Animation 
  • Rigging a Quadruped in Maya
  • Maya: Facial rigging
  • Vehicle Rigging in Maya
  • Rigging a Cartoon Character in Maya
  • Rigging for Animation


Keywords to search: 

  • Sound, Animation (Cinematography), sound effects

LinkedIn Learning Tutorials: 

  • Adding sound to animations
  • Voice-Over for Video and Animation 
  • Expressing animations to sound


Video Resources: 

Browse animation books


As well as searching online, you can also browse animation books in the library. This can help you to discover books that you would not have otherwise found. Animation skills books can be found on Level 9 of the Library and also on Level 5, in the Reading Room.

Look at the maps below to see where to find books on animation skills. 



To improve your animation software skills, look for...

The Library has a range of books on using animation software such as Adobe Creative Suite & Maya. 

Suggested Books: 

Search the LinkedIn Learning database for tutorials on animating using different software. 

Suggested Tutorials: 

  • Toon Boom Harmony Essential Training
  • Creating 2D Animation in Harmony
  • Animating in Maya
  • Maya 2018 Essential Training
  • Animating in Photoshop

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