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Writing and Publishing: Writing Tutorials & Festivals

This guide will help Writing and Publishing students find and evaluate key resources needed to successfully complete their assessments.

Writers festivals and awards


Below are some writing festivals and awards. You can submit to these or take a look at the entries to see what emerging writing and writers there are. 

Online tutorials and courses


The LinkedIn Learning database gives you access to online courses, videos and tutorials for developing your writing skills. 

Suggested Courses

  • Learning screenwriting
  • Writing a creative brief
  • The foundations of fiction
  • Ninja writing: The four levels of writing mastery
  • Script writing for nonfiction video

How to access LinkedIn Learning


Click the 'Sign In' button

On a LinkedIn Learning course or video, check the top-right corner. If you are already signed-in, you will see the UTS logo. If not, click the 'Sign In' button. 


Use your UTS email address

Your student email should be your name or student number followed by


Continue to Single Sign-On

You should be prompted to sign in with Single Sign-On. To get this option, make sure you use your UTS email. 


Log in to your UTS email

Sign in to your UTS account using your student email and password. This is the Single Sign-On process. 



You should now be signed in to LinkedIn Learning on your UTS student account. Check the top, right-hand corner; you should see a blue UTS logo.