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Music & Sound Design: Software & Sound Design Guides

This guide will help Music & Sounds Design students find and evaluate key resources needed to successfully complete their assessments.



Your faculty or lecturer/tutor will provide or suggest appropriate software for you to use for your studies.

Below are some additional software that you might want to explore in addition to those provided by your lecturer/tutor. 

Software & sound design guides


Video tutorials

The LinkedIn Learning database has heaps of video tutorials on how to use different software as well as tutorials on editing, mixing and other sound design techniques. 

Pro Tools tutorials:

  • Pro Tools Essential Training
  • Learning Pro Tools
  • Pro Tools: Music Editing for TV and Film
  • Pro Tools: Virtual Instruments

Sound design tutorials:

  • Audio mixing master class
  • Digital audio foundations
  • Audio recording techniques
  • Music production: techniques and concepts
  • Audio mastering techniques


The Library also has many online & physical books on using software & different sound design techniques which you can access online or borrow from the Library. 

Pro Tools books

Cover art
Cover art
Cover art

Sound design books

Cover art
Cover art
Cover art
Cover art
Cover art
Cover art
Cover art