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Music & Sound Design: Books, Magazines & Journals

This guide will help Music & Sounds Design students find and evaluate key resources needed to successfully complete their assessments.

What are academic sources?


In your university studies you will be required to find academic sources to reference in your assignments. 

Academic sources include books & journal articles. These books and journal articles are written by researchers and experts, and are suitable to use for your university studies. 

Books & journal articles


Find academic books and journal articles by searching the Library Catalogue. Watch the video to learn how.

Browsing books

You can browse the shelves in the library to find books. Music and Sound Design books are on Level 9, in the 780 area

Map of UTS Library Level 9 Books in 780 area

Dewey Decimal Numbers for Music Books
Dewey Decimal Number Subjects covered in this area
621.389 Audio technology
780 Music dictionaries, music business
780.283 Music production
781 Music business, composition, notation
781.49 Sound recording
784 Vocal music
785 Orchestral music
786-787 Musical instruments
789 Percussion, mechanical & electronic instruments


If you are looking for academic journal articles, you can search within a journal for relevant articles. The library has many music journals.

Suggested journals: 

  • Organised Sound: An international journal of music technology
  • Computer music journal
  • Journal of Radio and Audio Media
  • Popular Music
  • Popular Music and Society
  • Radio Journal: international studies in broadcast and audio media
  • MEIEA Journal
  • IASPM Journal
  • Music Analysis
  • Music, sound and the moving image
  • Journal of new music research
  • Black music research journal
  • Contemporary music review
  • Dancecult
  • Journal of popular music studies
  • Journal of world popular music
  • Leonardo music journal
  • Music perception
  • Perfect beat
  • Popular musicology online
  • Journal of the audio engineering society
  • Twentieth-century music

Music & sound magazines


Magazines are a good alternative source to search in for additional information to use in your assignments. They are not strictly-speaking academic, but can be useful if you're looking for industry information, critiques, or information about very new technology or music.