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Media Arts & Production: Finding Films & Scripts

This guide will help MAP students find and evaluate key resources needed to successfully complete their assessments.

Find scripts


The library has a number of script databases available in our collection. The two below are the most recommended. 

Find academic sources on film


You can find academic sources on film in the library collection. These include sources from an artistic and technical standpoint. 

Find journal articles 

The below databases are good places to search for film specific scholarly information. 

Find Books

Books are a great source to familiarise yourself with filmaking techniques. 

To find books use the Library Catalogue. The video will show you how to search the Library Catalogue. 

You can also use the links below to access Film books we hold in our collection. 



Tip: Search the library collection for books using words that describe the technique you are looking for. 


Find films on streaming services 


Find local and foreign films in the databases below.