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Interior Architecture: Search for Information

How to search for and find infomation and images for Interior Architecture

Finding books & articles


A good place to begin searching is in the Library catalogue. Use the Library catalogue to find books and journal articles on your topic. 

To learn how to use the Library Catalogue, watch this video:


A Library Catalogue search for the keywords: climate control interior found the below book: 

'Eco-interiors' - book result from the catalogue

Tips for searching... 

  • Books

Use general or broad keywords to find books all about the location, architect or architectural process in your assignment question. 

  • Journal articles

Try restricting your search to peer reviewed articles. Because peer reviewed articles have been double-checked by academic experts, it's easier to be sure that the words and ideas you're using are of sufficient quality for a university assignment. 

Evaluating your results


Not all the information you get from a search will be useful. A successful search will show results relevant to your topic. If your results are not relevant go back and try different keywords in your search.

To evaluate whether your source is of sufficient quality use the C.R.A.P Test. Click on the letters of the acronym to learn more:

Advanced Searching

In this search we have added a few synonyms for the word interior, as well as for atmospheric control. We've also tried to introduce the additional keywords of material and technology. 

The full search syntax is:
("atmospheric control" OR "climate control" OR "passive design") AND (interior OR indoor OR building) AND (material OR technology)

Notice that when you add the extra search terms it changes the top article hit in the search?

Climate control - article result from the catalogue found with Boolean search

Other places to search


Temperature preference learning - an article found in Science Direct

Using the same searches you've mapped our earlier, try using some of the key resources for interior architecture (linked below). You'll find the results are different in each database. The picture above is one of the top hits from ScienceDirect.

As a final note, remember how our search topic mentioned case studies? If the place you're looking seems to have a lot of good information, try adding the term case study to your search to see if you can find anything (the article in the picture below is from Proquest).

'Case study of a nearly zero energy building...' Article result from Proquest database