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Statistics: Finding Statistics

This guide contains resources and guidance to help students find statistics

Google searching tips


If you're not sure where to start, try searching Google for statistics.  Here are some tips for searching Google to help you find the most relevant results. 

Tip 1: Australian government statistics

For example in the Google Search Tip below, the phrase searches for information found on Australian government websites.

So a search for statistics on unemployment in Australia could look like this: statistics unemployment

Tip 2: International statistics

If you're looking for international statistics, for example US employment statistics, your search could look like this: site:gov employment statistics

Note: there are no gaps in it's a phrase.

Tip 3: Australian industry statistics

Organisations are often industry or semi governmental bodies. These bodies could be collecting data of interest to their industry. So the same strategy can be applied in this way, for example: statistics health  

Google Web Search

ABS Microdata


ABS microdata is freely available to UTS researchers under the ABS/Universities Australia Agreement.

Please consult the ABS How to apply for microdata and complete application online via ABS Registration Centre using your UTS email account. Please input “University of Technology Sydney” as your organisation during the registration.

Then you will receive an email asking you to activate your account by clicking on the link. Once activated, all registered users automatically have access to Microdata, as well as free products, including Census TableBuilder Basic plus all the subscribed products of UTS. 

If the data you require is not in the subscribed list, please send an email to ABS microdata enquiries including your name, organisation, user ID number and the microdata product and system you are interested in and cc UTS microdata enquiries

Once your request is processed, ABS will give you permission for access.