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This guide provides an overview of key resources available for Physics, and some strategies to effectively find high quality information.



This guide will help Physics students find the information they need for their studies. This guide will cover:

  • how to plan your search
  • finding books, articles and reports
  • APA 7th referencing

Key resources for Physics


Reference Materials


You can also view the Library's complete collection of Physics Databases by clicking the link below:

Resource types


There are a range of information types that will be useful to you. Your job is to decide what your information needs are and to find the right information to fill that need.

The table below summarises some of the types of information that will help you, and the following pages in this guide go into further detail on ways to find this information. 

Book icon


Useful for providing an overview of a topic or issue. Contains background information and context   and is very useful as a starting point for research, especially if you are new to the topic. 

Journal article icon

Journal Articles

 Contains the latest research on very specific topics and often contains in-depth analysis. Journal   articles are published more quickly than books so can be used to find more up to date information.

Report icon

Policies & Reports

 This includes government policies, guidelines, industry reports and statistics. They often contain   an overview of an issue as it applies to a specific industry, region, state, country or worldwide.