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Education: Curriculum Collection

This guide contains resources and guidance to help students studying education subjects.

What is the curriculum collection?


The Curriculum Collection is a special collection provided for Education students that contain classroom support materials, including:

  • K-12 syllabuses and support documents - these are also available from NESA site
  • Junior fiction (JF) and non-fiction
  • Young Adult Fiction (YA)
  • Picture Books (P)
  • Puppets
  • Teaching kits, games, pictures, large books, DVDs/CDs

Some of the Curriculum Collection is displayed on the shelves on Level 7 of the Library. A portion of the collection is also kept in the Library Retrieval System (LRS) and will need to be requested via the library catalogue.

Finding puppets


Our puppets are in the Library Retrieval System (LRS). To borrow a puppet, you will need to search for a puppet and request it using the library catalogue.

Finding children’s books


Terms used in the library catalogue

  • Juvenile fiction = fiction books
  • Juvenile literature = non-fiction books 
  • Pictorial works = picture books

You can use a combination of these phrases and other keywords to search for children's books in the library catalogue.
Guides below give you instructions to find picture books, fiction books and non-fiction books.

Search for picture books


Picture books are identified by the letter P before the call number.
Go to the library search page and search the library catalogue with the following search as:

This search generates picture books, fiction and non-fiction books from our curriculum collection. Any items having the P letter before the call number are picture books.

Hint: If you are looking for picture books for a specific topic, add the topic keywords to this search. For example, looking for picture books for the topic of ‘space’, you can enter the search as: 

Search for fiction books


There are two categories of fiction books in the Curriculum Collection: 

  • Junior Fiction - identified by the letters JF at the start of the item call number
  • Young Adult Fiction - identified by the letters YA at the start of the item call number

This search generates junior fiction and young adult fiction books from our curriculum collection.  Any items with JF or YA before the call number are junior fiction or young adult fiction.

Search for non-fiction books


Non-fiction books in our curriculum collection have call numbers, just like other books without a letter before the call number.

If books are in Curriculum Collection, you can find them on level 7.  
If books are in the Library Retrieval System, you have to request them via the library catalogue.

Finding kits


The kits in the library Curriculum Collection contain a range of resources for teaching activities such as storytelling, sport, music and classroom games. 

To find a Curriculum Collection kit:
Do a catalogue search by using one of kit type terms and tick ‘Kits’ to limit your search results to kits