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Legislation: Related Cases, Commentaries & Articles

This guide contains resources and guidance to help students to find and interpret Legislation.

Related cases, commentaries & articles


Sometimes you will need to see how an Act, or a particular provision of it, has been interpreted by the Courts. There may also be journal articles, or commentary in legal encyclopaedias.

These can help you understand:

  • how an Act works in practice, for example how it has been applied by the Courts;
  • if there are related Acts in other jurisdictions and if they work differently;
  • if there are any problems with how the Act has been applied; and
  • if there are suggestions for amendments to improve the Act.

Here are some tips on how to look up related materials in major law databases.

Databases for related cases, commentaries & articles

Lexis Advance Pacific

  • In Lexis Advance Pacific, look up a provision of an Act. The Legislation Citator link will take you to relevant cases, commentary and articles.

  • Commentary in Halsbury’s Laws of Australia is especially useful.


  • In LawOne, look up an Act and use the Key Info button.

  • The Cases link will show you cases relating to each provision.


  • In AustLII, look up a provision of an Act.

  • The NoteUp References link shows related cases and articles.

  • Sort results using the By Database tab to see these more clearly. AustLII also has the text of Law Reform Commission reports.


HeinOnline is the Library's main law journal article database. The video below will help you use this database.