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Indigenous Perspectives & Practices: Referencing Indigenous Materials

This guide will help you find information on how to locate, evaluate, and use Indigenous perspectives to support your studies


Most faculties at UTS use the APA 7th referencing style 

What is referencing and why is it important? 


At university you are expected to reference information sources used in your assignments. Referencing is important as it:

  • gives credit to authors
  • shows that you’ve done your research  
  • means that others can find the resources you have used .

APA referencing guide - Section 8 Indigenous Materials

Useful section

  • Indigenous Materials - Section 8 (page 105) outlines how to include Country or Language group in the reference for Indigenous materials

Referencing Videos

Copying or reusing works with Indigenous cultural content


Particular care should be taken when using Australian Indigenous works or cultural property.

Often referred to as Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property (ICIP), Australian Indigenous works may require the inclusion of the name of the Nation or language group as part of an attribution.

Some ICIP is culturally sensitive and may only be reproduced with permission of the creator or the First Nation peoples that own the material.

The copyright advice pages have advice and resources to help you to use Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property appropriately, and you can contact the Library for assistance.