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Health Science: Indigenous Health Resources

This guide contains resources and guidance to help students completing the Bachelor of Health Science.

Indigenous Health


Indigenous health resources can be found in databases, books, journals and grey literature (e.g. government reports, statistics, policy documents).



Books are useful for getting a comprehensive overview of a topic. The Library has a range of books related to Indigenous health from advice for health professionals to details on specific health conditions. To find books, we recommend these search tools:

Here are some recommended books:



Databases are recommended for finding journal articles and the latest research on your topic. These are some of the key databases for Indigenous health:

Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

The HealthBulletin curates the latest journal articles, reports and related resources on Indigenous health.

Want more databases?



There is a large volume of reports covering many aspects of Indigenous health. Most of these are available freely on the web. Here are some of the key ones:

To find reports using Google, we recommend:

  • trying alternative terms by putting OR between the words
    e.g. Aboriginal OR Indigenous Australians OR Torres Strait OR First Australians
  • adding search terms like the word report OR working paper OR policy
  • if relevant, limit your search to specific organisations.
    e.g. for Australian government
    e.g. for Australian organisations
    e.g. for Australian educational institutions

Try out our example search below:

Google Web Search



Government and organisations are usually the main places to go for Indigenous health statistics. Here are some starting points:

For more guidance, visit our guide on Finding Statistics.

Organisations and Government Agencies


Government agencies and organisations produce a large volume of research, reports and policies relevant to Indigenous health. They also provide many of the health services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This is not a comprehensive list, but a starting point: