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Evidence-Based Practice: Steps 4 & 5: Apply and Assess

This guide contains resources and guidance to help students learning about evidence-based practice.

Step 4: Apply & Step 5: Assess


This page will provide a general outline of the last two steps in the EBP model: apply and assess.

For more in-depth help, check your coursework and readings.

Step 4: Apply


Apply the evidence by putting it into practice. Consider how you will integrate your findings with individual patient circumstances and preferences and the clinical context.

The following readings will give you an overview of different ways you can carry out the 'Apply' stage.

Step 5: Assess


Evaluate how effectively you have performed steps 1-4 of the model to note areas of strength and areas for improvement. 

Self-reflection is an important part of the EBP process. The following checklist contains examples of questions you could ask yourself to help evaluate your performance.