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EndNote: New Features of EndNote 20

All your EndNote questions answered

What's new in EndNote 20


EndNote 20 marks a change in naming conventions from previous versions, which used the Roman number X (eg: X9 meant EndNote 19).

Some other big changes are:

  • Simplified Icons

There are only 5 icons now, with new reference and share library being the most prominent.

Simplified icons

  • The change display button has gone.

In previous versions of EndNote you could arrange the preview window in different ways, such as on the bottom of the screen. The preview window now always lives on the right of screen.

  • The search library option can no longer be toggled on and off.

It always appears above your reference library now.

Search mode in EndNote

  • The Preview window now only has 2 tabs, Edit and Summary, rather than 3.

The PDF tab has been removed and the PDF preview option is now included in the summary area. To open the PDF, click on the drop down arrow next to the PDF title; you have the choice of opening the PDF in EndNote's viewer or in Adobe (we recommend EndNote's viewer).

Summary and edit mode

  • The online style manager now lives in Tools > Output Styles > Open Style Manager.

Previously this option lived under Edit

Tools>Output Styles> Open Style Manager

  • Cite While You Write (CWYW) for Word won't work unless you open EndNote first.

If you open Word first, then EndNote, you won't see this toolbar in Word.

EndNote 20 Toolbar for Word

  • There is now a button to save changes when editing a reference.

In the past you would have to close the edit mode or click out of the reference, at which point EndNote would ask if you wanted to save.

Save button in edit reference

  • You can now attach a PDF (or any other file) using a button in the summary mode.

Previously this option was initiated by right clicking on a reference or scrolling to the bottom of the list of field names when editing a reference (this second option is still available).

Attach file button

  • The reference preview is now opened with an up arrow button at the bottom of the summary page.

Previously this was always displayed at the bottom of the preview window.

Up arrow to open reference preview

  • You can now access EndNote preferences via this settings wheel button.

The button doesn't appear until you mouse over the right area (seen below). You can also access preferences via Edit > Preferences (Windows) or EndNote 20 > Preferences (Mac).

EndNote preferences button